Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Portfilio Update 08-27-08

Well, we have a one stock portfilio so far, which I am sure that everyone thinks by now I should have 10 to 15 stocks in the portfilio. Well, FFBC is now up a whooping 20 cents from the entry of $12.80. Now it did announce today that it will pay a 17cent dividend and we all like a dividend.

SGEN, has not triggered yet, if it can get it's backend up to $11.20 maybe we can find a base system buy trigger after waiting more then a week.

TJX, if it can trade above $35.89 tomorrow we will be adding this to the portfilio.
ISYS, if it can trade above $45.60 tomorrow...same thing.
DXPE, is it can trade above $54,23 tomorrow...ditto.
DIS, if it can trade above $31.79, this won't be a Mickey Mouse trade....:)

So it's time to build a portfilio for the workshop....where I will show you how to find the stocks of interest, how to setup a base system trade with solid rules and then how to get on board. You can even use this style if you have a day need to sit at the screen and stare..........

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