Monday, October 06, 2008

The secret order of nature......

There is secret order in nature that 99.9% of the people out there have no clue about, they have read The Da Vinci Man Code from the first page to the last looking for the holy grail. The Da Vinci Man is a universal translator between scientific models (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the square) and religious symbols (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the circle). Therefore, the Vitruvian Man (Da Vinci Man) is a bridge between science and religion. There are amazing similarities between the sacred geometry of the Da Vinci Man, Yin-Yang, Star of David, Tree of Life, Christian Cross, Angels and Kabbalah.

The code has Pi Day, Divine Proportion, Golden Proportion, Golden number, Phi and the Fibonacci Series. The University of Tennessee has these number everywhere, from the players numbers to the number of years between championships. You can find it everywhere if you look for it.....if you look to the west while landing in Denver you can even see it in the mountains, but most people only listen to Maria explain why the credit markets are tight and run for cover.......

On September 13, 2007 OJ Simpson committed a robbery in Las Vegas at the Palace Casino. The trail took 13 days from the beginning to the end. The jury talked about the verdict for 13 hours. The verdict came 13 years to the date he was found not guilty of the murder of two people.

I have to believe that Leonadaro Pisano in rolling in his grave laughing tonight.

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