Sunday, October 26, 2008

A rub the wrong way??????

One thing that a lot of folks have never gotten is that this blog is meant to engage the readers into some kind of thought process. Ideas on trading that you could research, test, sym trade and maybe develop an edge for yourself. Some humor and, of course, even some political humor from all the emails that come my way.

Everytime I post something that is off the wall, I guess all those folks have to defend whatever to the death. The Obama lovers are no exception, that is for sure. Emails have come pouring in complaining about false information and quotes out of context and on and on. This is the real problem as I see it.

Everyone spends their time talking and throwing more mud, the TV is just full of it, everyday and every night.....he said, she said, he said and back and forth. The next President and it doesn't matter who it is, will have their hands full. The baby boomers just keep getting older everyday, and the number of us continues to grow each day.....and why aren't they talking about Social Security and Medicare and how to develop a strategy to support it over the next 10-20 years. NO it's all about mud slinging......

Stem cell research and how the benefits could change medical history forever, but no it's just about what he said...she said.

Remember the hot topic was all those illegals, after the guy in Jersey shot and killed those college students over respect. He was out on bail for some violent crimes and it was all over the news....well for a week at least. Lou Dobbs wore out at least a couple hundred programs nightly talking about it.....but now it's about the mud.

The war in Iraq is, of course, having a profound effect on our economy, and is it important on which side of the fence you are on, we are there and it's needs to be finished. But are we talking about just the mud.

What about the lunch program at the grade schools or about the war on drugs and how it effects the kid whos mom is doing every guy in town so she can get her drugs and even allow the johns to abuse her it's just about the mud.

Education programs where more time is spent on studying world history instead of learning about the history of the USA. The kids coming out of school today can't make fricking change if the bill is $20.16 and after you hand them a twenty and they type in $20.00, you hand them the 16 cents....God forbid you hand them a quarter......they can't even make change but all they talk about is the mud.

It won't matter who is President, the government is currently in overdrive printing hundreds of billions of dollars that sometime will have to pay for it.
Normally when the government prints money, inflation is just around the corner. Inflation brings higher interest rates as they try to slow inflation and on and on. Higher interest rate brings more unemployment. The amount of money spent daily on paying the national debt, could be used to built roads, replace bridges, build new schools, but it won't. The bridge in MN was only the first of a collapsing intrastruture and surely won't be the last.

There are a whole list of things that should be talked about, but like Ben last week when asked a YES or NO question by a CT Congresswomen, after about 100 words you still didn't hear or know if it was a YES or NO answer to the question. I have decided on how to vote and it's simple.......anyone of those idiots that is in Washington now, needs to feel what it would be like to be unemployed....kicked out of office and sent packing. CLEAN HOUSE and maybe if everyone did that, at least one thing would be clear to the folks who replace for the people not for yourself.

This should get a few hundred more emails about having my head stuck up my ballot box.

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Anonymous said...

Hell yes - vote ALL the rascals out and start fresh!