Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is there a purpose to the Will of God......?

Oh, I bet that if I took this picture and asked anyone under 30 who he is, no one would know. If you are between 50-70, do you know who this man was? He died in 1995, Jonas Salk, was a research physician who formulated a vaccine against the devastating disease polio. Poliomyelitis, also called infantile paralysis, had crippled thousands of children during an epidemic that hit the world during the 1940's and 1950's. It is estimated that one of every 5,000 people (mostly children) fell victim to polio. Some victims were totally paralyzed and need to live in "iron lungs" (a large apparatus that helped the patient breathe). Salk's developed his vaccine in 1947, while working at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. The vaccine was made from killed polio virus. In 1955, after many trials of the new vaccine, the vaccine was made public, and put an end to the polio epidemic. Salk wrote many books, including: "Man Unfolding" (1972), "The Survival of the Wisest "(1973), "World Population and Human Values: A New Reality" (1981), and "Anatomy of Reality" (1983).

So what does this man have to do with "Purpose" and the "Will of God", you ask? You may not know this, but Dr. Salk could have patiented this vaccine and made a zillion dollars from it. But he didn't, he once said, "I could no more patient this then I could patient the sunlight." Dr. Salk had a purpose in life doing what he did best, working on a cure, and for him, he also was doing the "Will of God". What is your purpose on this blue marble and is it doing the "Will of God"??

I believe that when you can line these two things up....and then throw in "thinking" you might be on the right path on your journey.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dennis, the word is patent, not patient! Wendy

Sport said...

You should see how I speel Mississippi after a couple of donuts..... :)