Saturday, December 29, 2007

Steve Matrix sends me an email.........WOW!!!

You can click on the picture and read the email for yourself, but this afternoon I received an email from Mr. Steve Matrix about having used my trading desk to promote his business.

I believe that when someone comes clean, says they are sorry and asks you to forgive them for whatever only have one choice.

I do forgive you Steve for using my trading desk and only wish you the best as you move forward in your life. Getting retribution would never be part of my style, I can only hope that whatever tragedy you faced it has make you a stronger person, one that now extends his hands out to those who need it the most.

What a Great Christmas gift........Semper Fidelis to you and yours......and PEACE BRO!!!


Anonymous said...


Good for Steve. Sooner or later, we're all humbled by something bigger that comes along in our lives that helps to get us back on track. It was nice of him to clear the air. I'm sure he feels much better for it too.

Now, that being said...don't hold your breath for the Woodmeister. The DVD Home Scam Course is going gangbusters. He probably said the same thing to his partner-in-scam, Tony the red-nosed one, that he said to Hoot: "hey, this is turning out better than I expected".

What was that figure? 36K or so generated already but that has to go to covering "production costs"?...yeah, right...income production is more like it.

He's a tough old bird. I like the way he sounded all warm and cuddly last Friday morning and then...wham!...out of nowhere...puts the hammer down and shows that side of himself that's rotten to the core.

cory said...

only if he get caught, for example , his site is still promoting fib cluster software. The creator of the fib cluster method is not Steve, all he did was coding the idea into an automate tool. There is no mention of the original owner anywhere on his website. How do I know? I took one of the last class when they were still together. So Steve if you read this, come clean man!

Tiger2 said...

Wow !!!!
If only others of influence would do more of what Steve Matrix has just done? If only I would do more of what Steve has just done? Hummm...I'll put that on the list for 2008.

Eat less
Walk more often
Lose Weight
Smile more
Laugh more
Be a friend to more
Give more
Ask Forgiveness quickly
Forgive quickly
Give up golf
Map out a Great American Barbecue Tour
Take a Great American Barbecue Tour
Lose more weight again


Anonymous said...


Smokey said...

Hats off to both of you...It take guts to admit when we have done wrong and forgiveness to accept ones errors. What a way to end 2007...I can only dream of what 2008 is going to be like.

Anonymous said...

I think he is scamming people again. Look at this email I got from him this morning. No mention of a tragedy, or any sadness at all.

Hello Cam,

I haven't written you in over a year...


I fired my staff and went into
retirement about a year ago to spend
more time with the family, enjoy the
Ferrari, and do some overseas leisure

It's been quite the adventure... whew!

I traveled China, Vietnam, Bali and all
over Europe. Amazing was the villa we
rented on the cliffs of Cyprus. It was
so awe aspiring. I'll share some
pictures soon.

I'm back in Vegas now and can not help
myself but to peek at the charts every
so often... Trading must to be in my
blood :)

Actually... I so miss trading! I mean
over the past couple months I've
watching great moves, little chop,
trendy markets and my indicators are
responding beautifully. It's definitely
time to start putting some trades out
there! The markets are just too
irresistible to not trade.

Cam if you've written me in the past
several weeks and did not get a
response, I apologize. I've received a
ton of emails over the past few months
from my prior clients practically
begging me to start trading again and I
was able to only respond to a fraction
of them.

Well, It's time to clear the dust and
rock these markets once again!

I am very Excited and looking forward
to getting back to the Forex and the
E-Mini futures markets once again.

Here's the scoop:

I will be taking a limited number of
subscribers for my initial launch
coming this week. I am sending this
email to a few of my prior customers or
those that have expressed interests in
the past.

During the first month of re-launch, I
will only accept 35 new Forex and 20
new E-Mini futures clients. Invitation

Let's conquer these markets!

Please let me know your interests by
adding yourself to the preferred
customer priority list.

I will send you a private invite code
which will allow you to gain access
using a priority order form within the
next few days.

You will receive an email letting you
know that we have has gone Live and you
can now place your order using your
priority invite code.

Be sure to get your Invite code now,
because I plan to publicly announce my
re-entry into the markets as a trade
advisor later this week. The response
will be overwhelming. Space is
Extremely limited to only a few traders
for this initial launch.

To Our Success, Steve Matrix

P.S. Even if you're not ready to start
trading yet and get your invite code,
be sure to sign up for my f.ree weekly
newsletter... TradingInsights at either

7065 w Ann Rd
Las Vegas, NV

If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

To update your contact information: