Friday, December 07, 2007

Minnesota Bridge collapse so a man can understand it

For Engineers:OBJECTIVES:
To identify the S.H.M. ( Simple Harmonic Motion) as a periodic, oscillatory and vibratory movement.
To visualize a body which describes an S.H.M.
To define and identify the principle physical magnitudes which intervene in an S.H.M.
To visualize and interact with the graphs which represent these magnitudes.
To visualize the relation which exists between the S.H.M. and the Uniform Circular Movement.
*Below is a simple laboratory device used to exhibit the mechanical parameters.

However, for those of us who aren't engineers, but just beer drinkin, rib chewing, chicken eatin rednecks, if you click on the picture....WELL you'll understand the principle also.....


dloomis514 said...

OH! Now I get it! Why didnt you say so earl(-ier)?

Phil said...

I think she was in my fluid dynamics class at UCLA!

Snarky said...

lol! I Wish I'd had you for Intermediate Mechanics, Professor D. This gives a whole new meaning to the term "free-body diagram".

adam said...

Yeh.. that'ill do it !