Sunday, December 02, 2007

Is there a Judias among us now?????

We all know the story about the man that hung out and broke bread with Jesus and all the time was smiling, laughing while enjoying the fruits of his work. Not much is mentioned about him before that night and only a few lines after the betrayal, but the name Judias has come to symbolize, in a lot of ways, a person who betrays while pretending to be a friend.

I personally believe that the phrase WWJD actually means "What Would Judias Do" more then the common view of "What Would Jesus DO" because without a Judias among us then how would the rest of the story of salvation EVER be fulfilled? Sometimes, when you think that a person is blocking your way, they are actually empowering you to do something else in your journey thru life.

If I didn't get that promotion, WELL, then the reason is that there is something better waiting for me. If I didn't win that item on eBay, WELL, then the reason must be there will something even better next time. If I missed that plane, WELL then the reason is that I need to be at the airport long enough for someone to come into my life for a brief time to talk about something that is either important to me or to "them".

There are hundreds of stories I could about tell about those little things, a note on a windshield, a chance meeting of an old friend, a letter delivered to the wrong address, some one who just started to talk to me over lunch and so on that has defined who I really am, what I do and why.......

Back a few years ago, someone spent a lot of time spreading false rumors about me and my family. Trying to tell people that the bridge that we build to access the garage was actually a bridge being built by the city to enter a park. About how my wife was rich and that I was just living off her money. The attacks were at times interesting if not annoying. Those who knew me, knew it wasn't true because what my Judias didn't know that most of them visited this area on a regular basis and knew the entire family and all the history, most had talked to locals while in town and so on.

He blasted me while in for either not showing up to call out trades like the day that the Dolly Foundation gave it's one millionth book away to kids from low income areas of the country or for a number of other issues he had. I had to leave the WoodiesCCIClub once I figured out that it was cash at the door during those early TAL and no donations to Make-a-Wish back by Ken Wood in 2004. At the time it was just Ken Wood and not the WoodiesCCIClub, LLC.

He came into my first chat room called TradersParadise in Hotcomm. But I had to leave that software because of the voliation of privacy issues of having others come in behind the password protection and were able to view "private things". My stock and options transactions, talking to a programmer about system trading and so on.

He started a blog and blasted everyone that had anything to do with the WoodiesCCIClub and kept making up stuff about everyone from Gio, JeanYus, DrBob, JW, and or course MYSELF.

So for the past 4 years we have been tracking visits to this blog, viewing the logins from the Hotcomm chat room and now of course, "HE" has shown up in the chat room in With todays technology all entries are time stamped, IP address and in some cases even a chocolate chip "cookie" can be tracked. Patterns develop that stand out, word patterns that one normally use and so on. During the past 6 weeks, in the Limitdown chatroom in "HE" didn't show up at first, but every entry into this blog must have caused him pain as I posted the newspaper articles about the educational workshop at the end of September, 89K was raised for 3 local charties. It must have caused him even more pain to learn that I wasn't selling anything either, it was all open code, NO SECRET SAUCE you had to

If it wasn't for "HIM" I don't believe I would have started the chat room over in Hotcomm, nor had the educational trading workshop a few weeks back or would have done the current loose chat room we have now. But, trust me, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE there is no need for you to play games anymore unless you want to really play games........

Married to a wonderful middle aged women and live a 4 bedroom house that you paid just over 120k for. Now the really funny part is that you have 4 sex offenders living within 4 blocks of your house....check it out dude. The number 4 comes up alot .....if you know what I mean.

The bottom line is "J"udias, the fun and games that you have enjoyed at my expense are OVER, unless you are interested in having everyone know who you are, there is a time and place for everthing, but your time is has expire.......I have posted a few things, think of what else we know about you really want to go down that road????

I don't think your buddies do, better email them and ask.......even your email address has the "Mark of the Beast" in doesn't it???

And where were you on August 2, 2005?

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Unfortunately, I missed your October seminar at your home. Do you have a new room open over at


P.S. Who *are* these people giving you a hard time? I can't imagine it being anyone other than some old farts living on a limited supply of fixed income who have nothing else better to do.

Hey, you'lll get a kick out of this one. Someone asked me yesterday how long I've been trading real-time. I told him for 4 year, but actually 2.5 years if you don't count the 1.5 years I wasted in the WCCI Club.

The Woodies CCI Club is "free"...if your time has no value.