Sunday, September 16, 2007

What should I read.....if anything for the upcoming workshop?

Thousands of emails have coming pouring into the universal world trading command center the past few days. What should I read, where can I find stuff and read up for the educational workshop coming up at the end of the month.

Well, if you have to read something this book is really the only one I would suggest other then the ones by Mark Douglas of course. Now in this book you wouldn't find anything about the Woodies CCI Club and how he invented it. You wouldn't find any info on any of the 23 setups currently being used nor will you get the lastest greatest research to stay ahead of the world. This book is older then dirt, and is boring to read, but having said a great book for trading.

Now you don't have to buy the book, I have a copy you can read here.....trouble is there are no pictures other then a couple of charts so it's boringggggggg.........


eman said...

Available at Amazon for $39. Just ordered it. Thanks Dennis.

mike said...

I found out about your traders summit too late to attend. Is there way to get an advance notice for the next one so I can put in for leave so I can come and learn?Thank you, mike.