Sunday, September 02, 2007

GOT CORDS???????

As I work thru all the stuff that is needed for the eductional trading workshop coming up at the end of the month there are several things that you could bring along so we all can connect to the internet......if you wish that is.

I have both hard wire routers and wireless routers so if you want to hard wire your connection I think it would be a good idea to bring along a 50 or 100 foot ethernet cable. Of course, the wireless part is simple and the air card is really simple.

I have never had more then 8 computers running at one time so far and don't know how this is shake out during the live trading.....worse case is that you would have to shut down your laptop so I can have SCREAMMMMMMin data.......worst case.

The more everyone is using a different format to connect to the internet the better this should workout for all of us. NOW, if I was charging $495.00 for the workshop I would have no problem getting the internet straighten out in advance, OR better yet, I could just walk around the room like Woodie did at the Woodies CCI Club Trade-a-Long in Monterey Bay during 2004 and say, "This this helping everyone", as the hotel worked to get the connection up to speed......:)

At this workshop I plan to trade like a do when I am taking your money on a normal day and forgive me for saying this.....BUT, I come first!!!!!......ROTFL!!!! This workshop will either be one of those.......DAMN, I can't believe what I saw or DAMN, I can't believe what I saw, don't think there will be a any middle ground on this one folks.....


Phil said...

I will not be bringing a laptop because it will interfere with my learning of what you are going to teach. I will be wasting time comparing my 'stuff' to yours instead of paying attention to what you are doing.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should just forget about other people hooking into your network. Here are a few reasons I suggest this. First, potential security issues on your network. Second, we don't need any technical problems to interrupt your presentation or trading. Third, everyone should focus on the information you are providing. They don't need to see "their stuff." Everyone can skip one day of trading.

You can post this if you want.


Snarkus said...

Sport, once again you've got me LOL with that music. It's as funny as the Mittens' shampoo setup you wrote about. Thanks for all the laughs over the years.

Sport said...

Well, it's my job to bring a smile into everyones life from time to time.....the pay isn't great but the rewards are......and thanks

Phil said...

I agree with Folls' remarks. We would all be better off paying attention to what you have to say instead of playing with out laptops.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Folls and Phil...laptops are distractions. I don't need to practice to see if I can click my mouse when you click your mouse...I need to understand why you are clicking your mouse.