Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, well the workshop is about full.........

No one yet from the Woodies CCI Club has signed up for the educational workshop, but that doesn't surprise me. Woodie, himself, has remained quiet thru all this, but that doesn't surprise me either. Jimsy, Susan and GB and TonyUK are still at it and that doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, this past weekend we wrapped up the details and emailed them out and there are only 3 spots left.

What can you expect at this workshop, well first of all...RULES. Trading is about only two things,
1. Money Management

When you combine them within a certain element, then you can trade without fear. Because deep inside'll know you are doing the right thing, at this moment in time and "you" are in full control. NO FEAR...NO GREED.

But getting the rules that "YOU" can live by is one of the biggest problems people face while trying to learn to trade intra-day. Which rules, what rules and how to get the right rules......that is what this workshop is all about.

Not some smoke and mirror dog and pony show, like our friends at the Woodies CCI Club likes to do at their TAL, but real rules and how to apply them in any market and any timeframe. We aren't going to try and front run the world by using the 29 minute chart to get in before those on the 30 minute and all that crapola and we aren't going to use a lagging indicator and pretend it leads so we can get in and let the world push it in our direction. Only to get our head handed back to us and then say..."HEY, don't worry be happy there are better trades down the road".

What that means is, we got in before you...and when you jumped in following us in the chat room so we got out for a 3 tick profit and you got crapped on, but "Great Trading Everyone."

The petal to the metal on the 29th......:)


Miles said...

Thanks Sport for your generosity...I for one am really looking forward to the event. By the way, how many trading buddies can I be looking forward to meet?

Sport said...

Trading Buddies.......17
Drinking Buddies......11
Walmart Greeters.......1
CCI Traders............0

Cathy said...

I would have made the trip, but unfortunatly I totally blew out trading account at Woodies and am living in a cardboard box.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I would have liked to have made the trip too.

But I'm closing on a new house. We're putting quite a bit down upfront and our mortgage is about 50K over what Dennis paid for his windows in his new house.