Monday, May 07, 2007

The FINAL game of the year......let's rock in Cleveland!

I have heard Rocky Top played just about everywhere....even in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland...who would have thought?

The hot tickets now if we could just get a pulled pork sandwich somewhere.

And then there were two and a sea of orange was ready for the showdown, we had played Rutgers early in the season and had no problem, but you never know do you?

The Lady Vols were relaxed all day, even as their warmed was just another game and they were going to enjoy the, lose or draw.

Cleveland arena doesn't sell M&M's, potato chips or even Dots....they sell Cracker before I could get a couple of bags and get back to my seat it was showtime. The ref in this pic is one of those refs that teams really don't enjoy game she will call a reach in but the next she wouldn't call one even you knock the other player down in the process.

Now how do you steal the ball from the other player if she is shortest in UT history and keeps the ball low to the floor.....well you don't, but be faster then Shanna and watch out for the double fake.

This was the same problem Rutgers had early in the season, being flat footed when Candice came to the paint.....three on one and nothing.

Another problem was not being able to rebound the ball, where are those red jerseys at anyways......

The game did have it points of interest as they fought back and forth but in the end Rutgers basically ran out of gas as UT turned on the fast press.

In the end, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.......yes there are.

The long road ended with tears of joy......and a hug from your friend....I mean teammates.

Pat cut the last part of the net down, for the SEVENTH time in her tenture at UT.

You just have to love kids......yea, we like to make them more then they are....but again a picture is worth a thousand Shanna looks at the first trophy.

There was more emotion after the game then they had before it started, holding back tears as 6,000 plus fans that had traveled 8 hours....just kept singing Rocky Top, it took about an hour for the activities to end and you could hear Rocky Top the whole time.....

Each team member and the assistants got to cut a piece of the net. Candice will no doubt have a very thick scrap book by the time she moves on to the WNBA.

After the game and back at the Hilton it was time for pictures, Lawson and Butts were amoung the former players that attended the game along with the team and coaches.

Then it was time for a team and family picture......Candice has a younger brother, any ideas which one he about a dynasty.

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