Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day trading and the week so Woodies CCI here

The first bar trade worked on Monday like a charm, it ended up being a classic trend day as defined by my mentor....LBR. Tuesday, with a Monday tick closing below -400 suggested that a new low would occur and the first bar trade got that one also. Today, it was HELLO and if you were waiting for a pullback or take a close the gap trade.......SORRY MAN!!!!

Heck, the CCI (50) with a turbo of 6 even managed to get this one right out of the shoot this morning. Hey, even a blind squrriel gets an accorn once in a while.....


D said...

Monday's $tick closed at +103

Anonymous said...


Had a question about how you handle when you get a setup on the 3m chart, and then, when the price triggers the trade but the stoch is already overbought or oversold on the 70T chart .... what do you do?