Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vistors all day long and trucks and stuff

Usually this fellow comes around at night to check out the local fast food joint, but today he is dumpster diving....key word here is STAY CLEAR!!!!!

During the course of any given day, trucks are coming and going as material continue to pile up, speaking of piling up....we are up to two Johnny on the Spots. The one on the right is called biscuits and gravy and the other one is referred to as rice and beans.....

We even have a new bobcat operator, just don't hit the truck again.....OK.

Mr. and Ms Duck bought the kids by the other day on the their way to a watering hole.

Meanwhile the plumber is working on a water fountain as he installs shut off values.....or he might be building a space ship somewhere in this closet.....:)

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