Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What a great country we have ....a chicken in every pot

What a great country we have....a chicken in every pot, a tax break for every cause and who doesn't like a little pork. I know I love "PORK" but mostly with Bar-b-que sauce dripping all over it....BUT.

Just to make sure that you can see Hillary up close like as if she was in your living HDTV.....the democrats in Congress has decided to give you folks that ain't smart enough to get it on your own.......a converter box...... To request a coupon, ya'll can apply online at starting Tuesday. The government also has set up a 24-hour hotline to take requests, 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009). It will be mosly a voice mail system explaining how to go online after you press 17 different button......but HEY, this is America after all.

Now the rest of us folks that is smart enough to figure this here thingie out, we can just go to Radio Shack, either way we pay for both.......but at least the boys in Washington are working overtime on this one......just like they did for Katrina.

Where are those trailers again for those people.....oh yea in Arkansas......oh it's just another one of those details you tend to forget about.....


Anonymous said...


This has to be one of your meanest and most misinformed posts I ever recall you making, and I been around a lot longer than you have buddy.

The $40 coupon (2 max) is to help those households still only getting broadcast TV - mainly because they can not afford cable or satellite. This means the elderly living on fixed incomes and other poor people. Why do you hate seniors and poor people? While I realize you cannot possible understand how spending $70 for a converter for each old TV set in the house could possibly be anything but weekly beer money, for a senior living on social security and having to choose between food or heat this month, it is an important program to get the $40 coupon assistance. They still have to figure out where to buy a convertor, so your "radio shack" remark is equally stupid. I guess your think seniors should just stare ay a blank picture of snow once the analog broadcasts go away in a year.

Secondly, DTV is `NOT` HD TV, so Hillary, and Hucklebuck and other idiot politicians will still look as fuzzy as ever. The DTV boxes are required by law to only provide the same resolution as present broadcast TV. If you want to get HDTV you will need to pay the full price for such a converter. The only reason the FCC is making this move is to free up the VHF TV channels, 2-13, so they can auction them off for other uses, and make more millions for the government.

Sorry to bother you with some facts. But your stupid comments and lack of any compassion just pisses me off tonight.

No, I don't expect you to publish this, or any give any apologies for your ignorance about this program.

Sport said...

Well first of all we all entitled your opinion....a lot of folks have died so you have that right over the centuries.

And only hope we can still be buddies..."BUT" I believe there are two kinds of folks......ones that give and those who receive. Someone gives you a job and you receive a paycheck.

But this country, ever since World War Two has had a problem with this giver and receive idea. It was that generation tapped into the Social Security Trust Fund, which is now a wreck.....Remember, the Gulf of Tonkin incident since you have been around a lot longer then me.

President Johnson staged the event so he could commit more troops and material to NAM. To pay for this, he moved alot of programs into what we call SSI today, which in turn balanced his budget but now leaves us with a mess in the Social Security program.

People smoked like a chimney, ate fatty foods, developed diabetics and a whole host of med problem, not seen in the other parts of the world. But, we are suppose to provide unlimited health care.

I love a like pork now and then but the last energy bill that went thru congress was more about pork for each congressman and wastefull spending then about a good energy policy for this country. I believe that is one reason that you saw a shift in the wind, Hucklebuck and Obama did well in Iowa and McCain and Hill did poorly, people are sick and tired and seeing the goverment wasting money. They take it from the givers......and decide who to let receive it.

John Edwards on Thursday night talked about this problem in what I would call a great speech, and I am not a democrat on a bad day......BUT, it's time that "we the people" to take care of yourselves, instead of looking for the government for hand outs.

YES, it was the government that said, OK, TV need to have DTV in place by February 17, 2009 and I'm sorry if you believe it's their right to have TV in every home. I did re-read the constitution and it didn't say in their that having a TV was a right. I even read the Bill of Rights, twice, and none of the 10 amendments even talk about your right to have a TV must less having the government upgrade it for you.

Hating old people....WOW, I am on the Board of Directors at the Mountain Hope Clinic, where we treat hundreds of folks, poor, rich, old, young, fat, short, tall it doesn't matter. I give money to the Smoky Mountain Ministry to help support their programs for both homeless people and also families....mostly single moms with kids.....I give money to Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains, Friends of the Smokies, ASPCA, Dr. Robert Thomas Foundation, MAW, Boys Scouts.....and not pocket change either, because I believe those who have the means, should help those who don't.


What I am tired of is the government spending billions of dollars they don't have, we call that a deficit around these parts, on programs that should be the responsiblity of it's citizens.....NOW, if you have a problem with that, then you should do a couple of things, why don't you start a volunteer program to help people that you believe are in need of a DTV converter, that need help with rent and food and so doesn't have to be a nation wide program, a state wide program, a county wide program, a city wide program, it can be whoever you know or your friend know. HELP THEM, you will be a better person for it....believe me.

And for once in your life, just say no to the governement.....NO, I don't want that....NO, I can do it myself and thanks....maybe just maybe you will start a new wave of thought that sweeps across this great nation before the government makes us a third world country.......and that is my thoughts on it...