Monday, January 21, 2008

I got a ton of emails a day.....but this one...WOW!!!

So there I was, with nothing to do, the markets were closed today, it's the middle of winter and really cold outside, nothing on TV-Land, so I thought well let me see if there are any emails that need an answer...........

My heart dropped as this was the first email to come I read thru it, I noticed a couple of things......."Deliberate wrong inputs are criminally pursued and indicated". Hummm, shouldn't that be indicted.

OF course, I'm not sure, but I think the email address could be a problem also, I mean do you really think that the IRS would use the email address of

But we could surely use that $203.59......couldn't we? But, I guess it would be safe to just click on the link and give them my credit card info so they could credit my account......would they need my Social Security number also.....?


Anonymous said...

The very same mail I received and I can see that it matches word by word of yours one, even the amount is same. If you click the link, it actually shows you IRS website kind of effect but URL is clearly wrong. URL shows that it goes to third website and then they keep a page there looking like IRS web page.
Clearly, this is a phising attempt and I really do not know if it can be stopped or someone can be booked for this.


Anonymous said...

I received the same email.
fromInternal Revenue Service tax_ refund
dateJan 20, 2008 4:31 PM
subjectNotification of Tax Refund
hide details Jan 20 (2 days ago) Reply
Notification of Tax Refund on your VISA or MasterCard Now,