Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FEMA makes a huge math error...surprise surprise

Surprise, Surprise FEMA seems to make an accouting error, after storing emergency supplies for the victims of Katrina (which happens a few years ago) to the tune of just about 66.6 million dollars. Not that the real problem is, first of all, that FEMA could not figure out how to actually give the emergency supplies to the victim in the first place.

But then they gave them away to prisons, fire departments, colleges and even the agency that regulates the state's casino industry in Mississippi.

In Louisiana officials originally declined the supplies when FEMA gave them away; the state's surplus property agency told CNN it was unaware of the need.

Now the Senate and the House of non-reps will again have another hearing on Thursday to find out what went wrong, how could Homeland Security, the mother in charge of FEMA dropped the ball again......those 70,000 mobile homes are still non-mobile.

And you wonder why the people don't trust the government, why a time share salesman who is below a used car salesman rates higher then the kids in Washington. The candidates are more worried about what the other one said and the latest polls then stepping out and talking about things that matter to us regular folks......

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