Friday, November 09, 2007

Why do I do what I do........

Ever wonder why I do what I do, well I have seen it all or just about all of it I guess there isn't anything new out there. Just the stuff recycled into something else and packaged differently, just to see if you will fall for it. The Steve Maxtrix of the world are no different then the Ken Woods of the world...all making you believe they have the best snake oil for sale. But what got this started in the first place was emails and talking to people at workshops back in the 90's, here is one that came across my desk this week....

"You cannot imagine how grateful I am for the 3 Min Bar trade. I'm 65 years old and my Financial Manager, an old school "buy and hold"...."you can't time the market" kind of guy managed to invest almost my entire 3.2 million retirement portfolio in the NASDAQ. When it crashed in 2000, he insisted we ride it down. He promised, ...."it is going to turn around any day now and when it does we'll get the bounce back up if we stay in". I lost almost everything and I am having to start all over at my advanced age....starting at a place most people are at 23. Losing my retirement made me wish I had followed my first impulse and studied the markets upon my retirement at age 56, rather than following my life-long dream of getting an RV and traveling full time for a while.

But just as I was about to give up hope, I found your 3 Min Bar Method and I now I hope you will be kind enough to give me some help understanding the trading method you use after that trade."

The real assholes out there are the ones that have never actually traded for themselves but go thru a training program, get a license of some kind and then start to tell you how to invest. Back in the late 90's they looked real sharp to most as they told their clients to buy more.......then came that earnings report from LU and the book to bill as down to days instead of months, it was April of 2000 and YK2 was becoming a distance memory to most, a hyped up event and a total joke to others.
The major companies had paid the penalties on their contracts to purchase new equipment and canceled orders for YK2 equipment during the first quarter of 2000 that they didn't need now. The bubble popped that day, and anyone with a fricking brain knew it......YAHOO traded to 300 a share for air....the P/E was illegal in all 50 states but the District of Columbo doesn't count...RIGHT.

Instead of your financial manager and calling you and telling you TO GET THE HELL OUT AND INVEST IN BANANA PUDDIN.....they told you to buy the their firms would have some sucker to take it off their hands, and people did all the down to YHOO at 12 bucks......LU to 3.50 and so on.

YOU don't need those empty suits, you only need information to empower don't need any market guru selling you their secret sauce you only need information to empower yourself.

Next week, most likely on Thursday after the market closes we will have a jam session for those who are in the chat room but not up to speed yet on how to take control of your own trading and empower yourself to be all you can be.....after 9:30am thats is......:)


Francisco said...

Hello Dennis,

I would like to unite to your group.
What should I do?

Thank you in advance.



Sport said...

email me for instruction......

Francisco said...

Thank you for your answer,
but I don't know and I didn't
find your e-mail address in your

Thank you again.


Sport said...

if you look in the upper right hand corner under the title...."Beware of the darkside" it's on the last line.....