Saturday, November 03, 2007

I love you folks...I really do......

Yes, I love you folks when you send me a picture of your charts and in 8,000 words try to tell me where I have gone a stay......Last week, TonyUK of all people came into the chat room and spent the afternoon giving me advise on how stupid the first bar trade, tell us that all is forgiven and please come back to the Woodies CCI Club and on and on he went for about an hour. Thank you for invite, but I'm doing just fine where I am.

Now, I do take advise, because I don't know everything there is about market structure, I might know enough to get a few bucks out of the market, but beyond that I know there is always another way to skin the cat.....sorry Mittens. So I'm very much interested in other points of view.

Ok, that is until I get one of these charts....WHY, will I believe you have to use price to confirm any setup. The other day, Woodie was talking about price and that you don't need no stinking prices and he even went on to say that there has never been any books written on pricing with price.....I about died on the spot.

From laughing so hard that is, When you look at this chart my first question always clear is the info displayed? Can you find something quickly without taking our a slide rule? Where is price based on this info that is presented? Could I find a trade setup from across the room or do I have to be an analyst and by the time I get the stones to take the trade...the move is 80% and ready for the retracement and stress me out.

But, please continue sending me the charts, and also please continue to trade them I can use the order flow. Seems a lot of people are getting better at trading that visit the chat room everyday....on managing a trade and holding on for a nice winner, having the stones to take a setup and also to pass on one, to know it's OK to be wrong as long as you are in control of events as they unfold in real time. Real time that's something you won't see in too many places.

In fact, I would be more the glad to stand up in front of the world and trade against anyone that has the stones to trade against me....anytime ...any place. Not that I am better then anyone else, but I'm also not afraid to hang it out there for better or worse.......

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Flatwallet said...

I never got a chance to say thank for your email. Shame on me.

Not having prices to confirm your trade is strange. Crazy. I need both Price and volume. While the CCI is nice, it can and will fail on you. Price will never.